Andronic x Partners Announces Successful Completion of a new Transaction

Andronic x Partners is pleased to announce the successful completion of a new transaction, continuing to strengthen our position in the field of M&A/Corporate law.

The transaction involved the acquisition by AIRSOL S.R.L., fully controlled by SOL S.p.A. of a majority stake in MEDAIR OXYGEN SOLUTIONS S.R.L. (“MEDAIR”), one of the most important operators in the home respiratory care in Romania, established and managed by the young entrepreneurs Catalin Batrinu and Stelian Radu. Andronic x Partners played a key role in facilitating the transaction alongside the M&A advisor Robert Stan, Managing Director of AUCTUS CAPITAL SRL., ensuring a smooth and successful process.

Vlad Druța (Partner) has coordinated the Andronic x Partner’s members Ioana-Codrina Simionescu Simionescu (Senior Associate) and Andrei Cîmpan(Associate), while Ana Maria Andronic (Founding Partner) has supported the transaction with strategic input.

 "We are delighted to announce the successful completion of this transaction," said Vlad Druta, "This represents a significant step for MEDAIR, and we are honored to have been entrusted with guiding them through this complex process."

"We would like to extend our appreciation to Vlad Druta and Codrina Simionescu at Andronic x Partners, for their collaboration throughout this process," added Catalin Batrinu and Stelian Radu. "Their commitment to excellence and dedication to our objectives were instrumental in achieving a successful outcome."

As a result of the transaction, MEDAIR is poised to consolidate its market position, expand its product offerings, and capitalize on synergies to drive future growth. Additionally, the new partnership offers increased opportunities for innovation and expansion.